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As a small business owner there are many obstacles and challenges to running a small business.  Knowing about, and understanding the latest in technology can make it easier to do business, save valuable time, save money, and overall impact your bottom line.  From creating a website for your business, creating a virtual office, getting a smartphone and understanding the many applications that simply make business easier.  

​Maybe you want to start your own business. Many people don't know the steps to take. Let us help. We can give you a "blueprint" for what you need to start your business, and the instructions for getting it properly formed. From Incorporating, to forming a Limited Liability Company, we can advise on what steps to take. Our service, and instruction is much less than accountants, and lawyers. We've started businesses from the bottom up, and know what it takes, and how to save you money by learning the "how to". Instruction on forming a business entity, business cards, office phone/fax, starting a business checking account, free advertising, choosing the right accountant/ accounting software, understanding credit, and many other business strategies.  Let our experience guide you, and get your new business up and running.

Business Entity Formation & Instruction for Corporations and LLC's

Did you know Accountants & Lawyers charge $350 dollars & up to help you form a new business entity? Many other online companies $40 to $70 dollars just for a Federal I.D. number.
As a small business owner, we know that money can be tight when starting out. Allow us to save you much needed money when forming your new business. We have started businesses on our own, and can give you the instruction to do the same without breaking the bank.

Allow us to give you the instruction on how to file for your new LLC or Corporation. We will show you how to file the appropriate forms with the state to start your business, help with searching to make sure your new business name is available, provide instruction on obtaining certificates of good standing for corporations and certificates of fact of existence or registration for LLCs, and as a BONUS, help with registering for a Federal I.D. number. All for only $97.00 

Protect your assets, and personal savings from a business liability NOW

How it works: During your appointment, we can advise you by phone, through sharing screens on your computer, or by video.  We will show you the steps to take to search for your new business name, file accordingly for the state you live in, then also get a Federal I.D. number.  We can also direct you to a wealth of resources to answer questions you may have in the future.  We will be there to walk you through the process, and answer your questions through every step.

For professional, patient, and respectful service, call today!
Small business owner, or want to start your own business?  Encompass can help
  • Hundreds less than Accountants & Lawyers

  • Federal I.D. is included (online companies charge $40 to $70 dollars extra)    

  • Personal instruction on forming your business entity-included

  • Resources to online business videos & training programs-FREE

  • Resources on writing a business plan & choosing the correct entity for your business-FREE
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